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DS Bookkeeping Course (Lithuanian language)

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We have to deal with extremely creative, enterprising and intelligent individuals every day. They cannot find the right way to fulfill their ideas and to make them compliant to Republic of Lithuania and European Union Law. They are too scared to start and are too much concerned about sanctions and penalties possible. Not knowing the law is not a excuse. So people are scared to start doing business.

These courses will provide you with the basic foundations for realizing your activity in a legal sense. Stop doubting today. Get to know the essential basics that you need to build your business. Realization of your activity in accordance with the legislation is not necessarily difficult and incomprehensible.

In the courses you will receive basic information, which will help you decide which legal form you need. How are they all different from each other. What determines what charges are to be counted and what exactly.

Never give up, each of you today can have your own business!

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